Our Lumber Company

Since 1973, The Fitzgerald Lumber & Log Company of Virginia has served a wide range of customers including various retail lumber yards, manufacturers, companies, and shops. This website expands upon our traditional business services by enabling customers and vendors the opportunity to obtain information about Fitzgerald Lumber Yards or simply communicate with us via e-mail. As you explore our website you will learn that The Fitzgerald Lumber Mills procure lumber from only the finest timberlands. Also, Fitzgerald Lumber of Virginia is actively exporting lumber products to Asia and Europe.

At Fitzgerald Lumber and Log we produce, distribute, and export the finest hardwood lumber products North America has to offer. This is a responsibility we take very seriously as we take extra measures to ensure quality such as air-drying our lumber, precision double-end trimming, and utilizing the most advanced computer controlled dry kilns. It is this organizational pursuit of quality that ensures you will receive only materials of proven merit.

Our philosophy is "work hard, play hard." Before or after hours you may find one of our employees trekking by bike or foot on the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway, fly-fishing a local stream or pond, or various other outdoor activities. But most likely you will find one of them helping a neighbor or spending time with family members. Each of these activities requires ambition, devotion, fortitude, instinct, and vigor. These requirements are carried over into how we work for you and serve the community. We avidly support local high school academics and athletics, local colleges, and local community events.

When you purchase from Fitzgerald Lumber and Log of Virginia you will get the best available product with first-rate customer service from a Virginia lumber company that conducts excellent stewardship in the environment and the community.